Clothing can be hard decision.  Will it look good on me, will it fit properly and will it function?  I have experienced the good and the bad of cycling gear.  I have ridden on some awful shorts and poor quality chamois that do not function and leaving you thinking why did I spend so much and I never want to do that again!! 

There are two brands that I stand by for quality, sustainability, fit and function.  Craft and the flagship Assos.  My goto's for Road apparel.

We are proud to welcome one Switzerland’s finest cycling brands, which is the envy of us all. The Assos product range is very complete and aims at cyclists want the best quality on the market. We have a complete selection to meet the needs of our customers: shorts, jerseys, jackets and accessories for men and women. We have it all!

Another distinctive feature: the shoulder straps. These are attached to the front of the hips instead of at the waist. This design has the distinct advantage of decreasing the pressure on the abdomen whilst pedalling.


Both get the ride done in style, and most importantly comfort.  Don't be fooled by hyped cycling clothing.  Most just do not last.  My rule of thumb when it comes to shorts, bibs and jerseys, the more you ride and wear, the more of a need to have multiple pairs.  Don't skimp either, spend more to enjoy the ride.  

Shorts and bibs don't last forever either.  Great idea to pick a new pair every cycling season.  You body will thank you.

I try and carry all the popular items and also at a discount!!  If you see it cheaper someplace else, I will match.  My promise to you.  And if it doesn't fit, simply send it back and I will exchange for a different size at no extra cost.  



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